Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meeting with MR J

Thought I'd quickly post a picture of one of our customers wearing a DeeR Custom Made Shirt that he recently picked up.

The design of the collar, including the height of the collar band was a collaborative effort. This is one of the real joys custom made clothing. 

I thought it would also be appropriate to show some closer detail of Mr J's outfit. This is how to wear  more audible clothing, such as this patterned sports coat. The combination harmonises well  together. The coat looks restrained against the solid blue background and muted red tie with a discrete print that also relates back to the overchecks in the coat. In the first picture everything looks thrown together as if much thought or care went into the garment but upon closer inspection you can see the how carefully crafted this outfit was put together. This is the key to being well dressed!

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