Monday, June 13, 2011

Women - Red, Black & Beige

Two tone, Passotti Umbrella - Made in Italy. Beige Boots by Gibellieri. Model Crystal

Red & Black Suede Heels - 100% leather, Bespoke by DeeR, Model Anna

Photos: Jaxtone Photography

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sportscoat - The Traditional Casual Look

I remember a fad a few years back called "Casual Friday." Everyone seemed to be talking about it. I'm not sure who invented it but this fad reached an all time low when people started donning polo tops with track pants to the office or faded jeans with untucked multi striped shirts.  If it isn't enough that businesses are trying to recover from an economic slump, much of these companies have not  fully recovered from the dark days of the casual friday. To their credit many of their employees have traded track suits and denim for button-down shirts and suits but somewhere along the line have forgotten about the tie.

The most common excuse I hear from men is that "It  is too hot and uncomfortable to wear a tie everyday to work." I haven't read any scientific studies that would help refute these statements. But I think there is something else behind this.

The media are too blame as often is the case. I see this look perpetrated by almost everyone on tv particularly on the breakfast shows.  That guy with the glasses on Sunrise is not a fashion icon.  His lack of sartorial finesse equals his lack of wit. 

So do yourself a favour switch of morning tv and buy yourself a sports coat. A sports coat was designed to fill that void between being work and leisure. This is the reason why it looks so good with or without a tie. So if you must insist on not wearing a tie please insist on wearing a sportscoat.

I present to you a style precedent in which you should try to emulate. His name is Mr Cary Grant.

Unfortunately the goal of looking good is once again foiled by the very people that we rely on to dress us.  Most stores do not stock sports coats. I have worked in retail for a number of years and whenever a customer asks for a sport coat the salesman tries to dissuade them from buying a coat and the customer ends up walking out with purple striped shirts and a black striped suit.

There are still stores out there that sell a sports coat. The search will be hard but the rewards will be great once you can find them.  It might even involve going to charity or thrift store or you could get one custom made. But once you have one you will be set.