Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tailor Made Full Canvas Suits in Brisbane

Brisbane now has DeeR style to add to the growing range of fashion and specialist clothing stores in this city.

We work with the best tailors around the world to bring quality within reach.

Our suits are made from the highest quality materials and cloth fabrics. Chose from a range of some of the best fabrics in the world, Holland & Sherry, J & J Minnis, Huddersfield, Dormeuil, and Drapers.

Varying options are available to customise your suit from vents, lapel widths, pocket, lining combinations and construction options, from machine made half canvas to fully handmade bespoke.

To book an appointment please email or visit out website.

Handmade boutonniere

Natural Horn Buttons, and working surgeon cuffs, fully hand stitched and finished.