Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Hand Made Shirt - G. Inglese

I recently took delivery of a box of G. Inglese shirts.

G. Inglese is the name of a shirtmaker based in Ginosa in South-East Italy. The company was founded in 1955 and continues the family tradition of making high quality shirts.

Most people even in fashion circles are likely not to have heard about this shirtmaker. They represent some kind of sartorial esoterica. One of this planet's best kept secrets which not surprisingly have a following in Japan much like that other weapon in DeeRs armoury, Individualized Shirts.

These shirts are beautiful and remind one that art doesn't just exist or belong in a gallery. These are: pieces of wearable art.

The beauty is in the construction and execution of these garments.

The buttons, which are mother of pearl are hand sewn with crow's feet stitches and anchored to the shirt with fine silk thread. The buttonholes are sewn by hand. The collar is all one piece and extends below the front of the shirt. This collar which is a feat of engineering is carefully positioned to the body of these shirt with small and delicate hand stitches. The arms are sewn into the body of the shirt with such almost invisible precision and the shirt is decorated with tiny hand stitched knots.

So here are some photos. Let these be a little teaser for a shirt that must be seen in the flesh and worn against the skin to be truly appreciated.

More on that seamless collar later....

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