Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fatto A Mano - Handmade perfection in detail at DeeR Style

Antica Sartora Leonardi at DeeR Style

Look carefully at these photos. You will note the attention to detail that comes with a skilled crafts person sewing by hand. 
Lapel Roll. This is achieved by cutting a jacket with a substantial amount of width in the lower part of the lapel and the combination of hand padding and pressing. 

The small tear dropped lapel buttonhole is a signature of neapolitan tailoring as is the double pick stitching in the lapel and collar. 

The spalla camicia

In a french-faced jacket, the inside facing of the jacket is made from the same fabric as the rest of the garment. obviously this is more expensive because more fabric used. It does make for a more beautiful garment. 

Traditional Details are featured in this suit. Including a button fly with a double button inside waistband closure. 

Buttonholes are of course stitching by hand. 

The jacket is obviously handmade. The white basting thread is to hold the components of the jacket in place during the production of the jacket.
The finished suit jacket. 

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