Saturday, June 14, 2014

Buying Suits in Brisbane

There are several places you can go in Brisbane for a good suit.

You could go to your traditional menswear store, which unfortunately these days are few a far between, or department store, where you'll be lucky to encounter anyone to sell you a suit...

....Or you can go to a tailor.

The benefits of going to a tailor are:
  • You get measured and receive advice from someone who understands clothing, what flatters your form and someone that is passionate about the craft.
  • A garment that fits and is designed to fit the proportions of your body and details that you want and not the whims of the designer.
  • Choice of the details you want for the suit. This includes:  the number of buttons, vents, pocketing,  lapel widths, and other design features.
  • Personal features such as monograming and lining selection.
  • Quality Fabric and Construction. Pure wool, canvas chest pieces, hand stitching.

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