Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Three-Piece Suit

Its official. The three-piece suit is back. Well at the very least, one of my customers has brought it back by commissioning one.

There are definite advantages to wearing a suit with a matching waistcoat or a vest as they are also called. The main advantage on a waistcoat particularly in winter time is that extra layer of fabric to keep you warm. When it comes summer you can wear the waistcoat without the suit jacket and still look dressed.

I've often thought there was something strange about seeing a tie and shirt without a jacket. This is the solution to the problem.  If you're in the office of course you will need to take of your jacket when you sit down. But you run into the problem of looking so underdressed. The solution is definitely to wear a waistcoat. It provides the perfect transition between wearing the suit coat and a business shirt.

Looking around outside today and seeing everyone wearing 2 piece suits, makes me think that something is missing with their outfits.

Im so glad I had a waistcoat hanging in the store. I had to quickly put one on today after writing this.

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