Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brisbane Street Style - Chance Encounter With DeeR customer

I was wandering through the city today when I came across this well dressed young man wearing some DeeR shoes.

I am over exaggerating a little. This was not some random occurrence.  The above photo is of James who is a DeeR customer. He has currently two pairs of DeeR custom shoes. James is studying at university and works part-time at a mens store.

He is a pretty talented kid and quite stylish too and not only due to his choice in footwear. 

The sunglass frames remind me of the ones worn by Robert Deniro's character in the movie Casino. If you haven't seen the movie its the movie where De Niro plays a mob connected Jewish gambler called Ace Rothstein and Joe Pesci plays his psychotic little friend and sidekick.  I wont say much more than that as I would be giving away too much of the plot. Just hire the movie and enjoy it.

I will leave this post with a parting photo of James wearing some DeeR ankle boots.

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  1. I need these shoes, how can I get them. Must have.